Nail Hoot Alternative Birthstones Pt. 1 ft. Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec

I'm so very late on posting these! A few weeks ago I fell on the back porch and my left hand tried to catch my fall. It resulted in a sprained wrist that that needed a brace. I didn't think a brace would make for good pics and I couldn't move my wrist without excruciating pain until last week so I could swatch. I also fell AGAIN, and busted my already previously injured knee. It was a mess to say the least. ANYWAYS, enough of my pity party, let's check out these gorgeous polishes!

All of these applied smoothly and had a perfect application. So instead of repeating myself for each polish, we will do a disclaimer here ;) All swatches below are 2 coats with top coat.

September - Agate 
A cornflower blue linear holographic polish inspired by the Blue Lace Agate stone.

 October - Tourmaline
A green-red duochrome linear holographic polish inspired by the Tourmaline, one of the birthstones for October.

 November - Citrine 
A golden yellow linear holographic polish that is inspired by Citrine, one of the birthstones for November.

December - Tanzanite 
A purple-toned blue linear holographic polish with purple microflakies added for additional dimension. It is inspired by Tanzanite, one of the birthstones for December. 

 My personal favorite is December, and not just because it's my birthstone! I've always thought December had the most gorgeous stone of any month, and this polish captured it perfectly! I loved Brandie's first birthstone collection, and so far these are just as gorgeous, if not more gorgeous than the others! Keep your eyes peeled for the other 8! These are all available now on!

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