Baroness X Doomfire

I'm beyond excited to share my newly "most coveted" nail polish. Baroness X's Facebook fan group custom, made from the elusive unicorn pee (yes, REAL unicorn pee..) I present to you...DOOMFIRE!

I'm just going to keep this short and sweet and get on to the nail porn. This is one coat over Orly's On the Edge. This can be worn alone or over other colors. I've seen it over purples, blues, looks good over anything! It's incredibly hard to photograph, hence my 10239013 pics I'm going to share. It shifts from green, gold, pretty!!! The last 4 pics were all taken outside.
Green shift!
If you want to pick this up for yourself you will need to join the Baroness X fan group. The last restock of this will be February 29th and is $14!

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