Born Pretty Store Watermarble Comb Review

Hey guys. As I've previously said, I've sworn off watermarbling for a while, it's just not worth the aggravation sometimes! When I saw Born Pretty Store had a watermarble comb, I was intrigued!

Using my Uber Chic mat, I painted thick coats of polish in strips. Make sure to do it kinda fast, so the polish doesn't dry.

I did a billion different patches because I wasn't satisfied with any of them really. The comb spokes (is that what they're called?!) were uneven, so half the time parts of the polish didn't get dragged. And even though I was lightly dragging and I had super thick polish strips, the comb always dragged at the bottom and created gaps.
I let the patches dry for almost 2 hours before I took an orange stick and tweezer combo to remove them. The patches with drag gaps peeled off in pieces, really annoying! Out of all of those patches, I only got one workable decal.

Products used:
Pink - Doctor Lacquer Rhodolite
Orange - Dynamic Polish - Outrageous Orange
Yellow - 77 Nail Lacquer Zeke
Green - Nail Hoot The Olive Branch
Blue - Nail Hoot Sea of Galilee
Purple - Bliss Polish Prototype
Would I use this again? Probably not. I found it pretty difficult to work with and I don't care for the drag patterns. I actually ended up using more polish this way than I would have the old fashion water-in-a-cup way. I wonder though if I would have had more luck using a plastic baggy.

If you'd like this for yourself you can purchase it HERE for $5.38 or click on the banner below. Be sure to use my code AMABK31 to get 10% off your order!
 photo bpscode_zpsmdqchb2m.jpg

Are there any nail art techniques that frustrate you?

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