Born Pretty Store Nee Jolie Stamping Plate Review

You all might remember my embarrassing stamping fiasco that happened a few months back where I vowed to never stamp again, and I haven't. Until now. Did I succeed?! Keep reading to find out!

As soon as I made my picks for new Born Pretty Store items (which included 2 stamping plates) I was like "really..why did you do that?!" so I was nervous to review this plate.
It's a beautiful plate and the images suckered me into trying stamping again after nearly 7 months. I'm happy to report that I succeeded this time! I had ZERO issues picking these images up. I used a clear jelly stamper that I'd won in a giveaway and M Polish Apricot Delight stamping polish. My base color is the gorgeous Nail Tonic's Alexandria's Genesis.
The only thing I wish I had done differently was choosing a better stamping polish. It's beautiful, but the image kind of gets lost in the polish. BUT YAY I DID IT! I DIDN'T DESTROY THINGS!!!!

If you'd like to pick this plate up for yourself, you can do so HERE for $2.99. Be sure to use my code AMABK31 to get 10% off your order!

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