Zombie Claw Polish College Football Collection

Hey everyone! I've been slightly MIA on my blog for a bit because I adopted a new dog on Friday! He's been a handful and I only found time to swatch on Monday. I'm attempting to write this blog post with this big ol baby in my lap and it's proving challenging lol. I have a new to the blog brand called Zombie Claw Polish to share with you all today! Zombie Claw is releasing a 5 piece collection inspired by the mascots from college football, check em out!

Inspiration: University of Texas at Austin
Description: a white crelly filled orange holographic glitters in various sizes.
Application & Formula: Good formula, the bigger glitters tended to clump on the nail a bit and you had to fish for those. I would have preferred this one with smaller glitters.
Opacity: 2 coats
Price: $9.50
Inspiration: Ohio State University
Description: a grey crelly with red glitters and white shimmer
Application & Formula: Good formula, easy application. This one has a metallic feel, so you may notice brush strokes. You may also want to double up on the top coat to smooth out the glitters.
Opacity: 3 coats
Price: $9.50 
Description: a holographic green and gold glitter polish
Application & Formula: Definitely better suited as a topper instead of full coverage. My first macro shows it at 4 coats with no undie. I layered this over GlitterDaze You Octopi My Thoughts and I prefer it much better. 
Opacity: 1 coat as topper / 4 coats with no undie
Price: $9.50 
Description: a navy blue jelly with white holographic glitter 
Application & Formula: Great formula, easy and smooth application. No issues. Builds up nicely for a jelly finish.
Opacity: 3 coats
Price: $9.50 
Inspiration: Purdue University
Description: a black creme with white shimmer and gold flakies 
Application & Formula: Great formula, easy and smooth application. No issues.
Opacity: 3 coats
Price: $9.50 

Price & Availability: Releases this Friday, September 23rd. $40 for entire set of 5 which includes free shipping, or $9.50 per bottle.

Zombie Claw Links: Shop - Instagram

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