Mont Bleu Crystal Nail Files

Hi guys! Nail files. I'm sure we all have hundreds. Or is it just me?! Either way, through all my nail file adventures, crystal nail files have to be my absolute favorite to use. Today I'm going to share some files from Mont Bleu!

"The Mont Bleu company is one of the world's top suppliers of crystal glass nail files. Made in our factory based in Czech Republic, our crystal glass nail files bring affordable luxury of using perfect nail care tool every day, without need to buy another one."
I was sent 2 files, 1 cuticle stick and 1 foot file to share with you all. I'll be honest, I don't use the cuticle sticks. They kinda terrify me a bit lol. I can just picture myself trying to use one of those and injuring myself.
I do however, thoroughly enjoy the mini glass files. I always keep one in my purse, because there's nothing worse than being out and having a nail break.
The standard size file will be the one I use every week to file down my nails. I try to give my nails some love every weekend. Soak them in oils, file them down a bit, maybe do a mani soak or scrub. I love these files because they don't leave behind "nail pieces" after you all know what I'm talking about!
Foot files are a must have in my life now. They got me through summer and flip flop weather. They leave those problem areas on your feet/toes feeling very smooth.

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