Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Atlanta Graffiti Collection

Hey, so I'm only about 2 months late getting these up -_- After being a blogger of the month for PPU I took a bit of a break, which is now catching up to me because I have about 8 blog posts I have to write. No worries though because these are STILL available! As you can guess by the name, these are all inspired by graffiti murals around Atlanta Georgia!

Edgewood Garage
-A grape jelly packed with red microflakies and cyan/indigo shifting aurora shimmer.  Inspired by the Greg Mike Mural on Edgewood.
-Formula was slightly thin, but easily manageable and built up nicely.
-2 coats
Psychedelic Whisky 
-Hot fuchsia/pink with aqua sparking shimmers and purple/copper/green shifting aurora shimmer.  Inspired by the Graffiti at the Blue Complex on Decatur St. by Patch Whisky.
-No issues with formula or application. Applies nicely and evenly.
-2 coats
 Summerhill Heart
-A clear glitter topper with a focus on black glitters with multi-colored accents.  Inspired by the Dr. Dax mural in Summerhill.
-I didn't attempt to build this up on it's own, it's definitely meant as a topper.
-One coat over Edgewood Garage.
 The Voice of Many
-Teal with bronze/green shifting aurora shimmer, copper sparking shimmers, and a blue/purple/orange shifting shimmer.  Inspired by the Greg Mike Mural on Krog Street.
-Thicker formula means you may be able to pull this off in 1 thick coat!
-2 coats
East ATL Rainbow
-Neon yellow with red/green aurora shifting shimmer and blue and purple microflakies. Inspired by the Ricky Watts mural on Krog St.
-Please note, this polish will only be available to those individuals in the BEGLove Facebook group.  This was designed and released at the Atlanta Indie Shop 2018, so BEGL is unable to sell it to the public. The listing for East ATL Rainbow is already up on the site in the Members Only Section - password is in the BEGLove group rules.
-3 coats
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