MTK Design Owl For You Trio

Hope y'all aren't tired of thermals yet, cuz I have some more beauties from MTK Design to share! This trio of thermals are inspired guessed it..owls! My mother has been obsessed with owls as long as I can remember, and now that owls are "in" again she's been so thrilled to find owl themed everything lol. On to the swatches!

A note before we start. I was sent the protos of these polishes which didn't have all the kinks worked out yet. Therefore, there was some unmixed thermal pigment in the polishes. I declined MTK's offer to send reformulated polishes because she would be out more money, so instead I opted to edit out the pigments in the photos. The polishes ARE reformulated and look perfect now though! All polishes below are 3 coats and I had no issues with application or thermal transition. All are available now!

Hysteric Owl
A blackened purple base w/ chameleon glitter shifting from purple to red to gold with red and copper shimmers.
 Mystic Owl
When in it's cool state it's deep ocean green/blue sparkling and when warm it shifts to a bright aqua. This one also glows in the dark.
Sensation Owl
A dark golden plum when cool, and warms to a bright coral.  Filled with red scatter holo glitter, copper and violet iridescent shred and purple shimmer.
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