Born Pretty Store Blooming Flower Water Decals

Is it really a surprise that I have more gorgeous water decals to share with you?! I can't get enough of these, they're so simple to use and the finished product is beautiful! Today I have these pretty flower decals from Born Pretty Store to share with you.

I've used a lot of water decals lately, but these are by far my favorite. The colors are beautiful, the design is lovely, and they were so easy to apply. The design reminds me of a bandanna!

There are two different designs. One is more of the bandanna look and the other is more flowery. I chose to use both designs for this look. I used Zoya Genesis for the base color, a lovely shimmery white. I cut each image out and dipped them in water for 20 seconds and applied them to my nails. I removed excess decal with a brush dipped in acetone. 
You can pick up these lovely decals for yourself here. Click the banner below and don't forget to use my code AMABK31 to get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order!

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