China Glaze The Great Outdoors Swatches (partial)

Hi everyone! I picked up half of The Great Outdoors collection at Sally's the other day. I only have half cuz that's all my Sally's had! It's like they forgot to order the other 6.'s China Glaze, they tend to have 12 in a collection! 

Sleeping Under the Stars is a dark blue with stardust shimmer. Can you believe this is a one coater? Applied nicely, didn't streak (obviously) however it did stain my cuticles a bit, so be sure to not flood them! It was hard trying to capture the shimmer, but trust me, it's so pretty!
Wood You Wanna? is a rich brown burgundy metallic. If applied right, this can be a one coater! Has the tendency to drag if you go over the other strokes on your nail though. 1 coat here.
My Lodge or Yours? is a natural mauve creme. I was surprised at how much I loved this one after I applied it! This can be another one coater, but I did 2 coats for levelness here.
Change Your Altitude is a pebble grey creme. I have been loving greys so much lately, and this one is perfect! Alllllmost a one coater, but not quite. 2 coats here.
S'more Fun is a lemon lime creme. With a name like, I'd expect this one to be brown like delicious smores but whatever. This one is runny and patchy. 2 coats.
Let's Dew It is a multi dimension blue grey glitter. I decided to try to get this one to full opacity and I kinda succeeded at 3 coats. However, I think this would be better paired over a dark creme.
Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the 2 duochromes in this collection sometime soon, because those are my favs! I'm loving the 6 I got though :)

Have you picked up The Great Outdoors collection yet? Are you ready for fall colors?

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