My first indies

Hi guys! I'm part of a group on Facebook where we plan to do a link up every month involving indie nail polish. This month, the linkup is about our first indie. I decided to show my first two because I ordered these at the same time a year and a half ago from Cameo Colours Lacquers. Check em out!

My nail journey started in March of 2014 thanks to my friend Becky from Naked Without Polish. She introduced me to the indie nail polish world, which I had no idea even existed! The first brand she told me about was Cameo Colours Lacquers. Both of these are from the Blogger Beauties collection!

Babi's Bollywood Bling is a teal jelly filled packed with holographic glitters. This was the very first indie that I swatched on Instagram back in the day. 
68 weeks ago!! Please ignore the terrible clean up lol. I was SO proud of myself for this pic. It was the first time I was reposted on IG too! This is 2 coats.
Becky's Intriguing Indecision was my first thermal! It was created guessed it, Becky from Naked Without Polish! It's purple when cold and a dusty teal when warm and is filled with holo and gold flecks. Still my favorite thermal to this day. 2 coats.
Be sure to check out the other ladies first indie below!
What was your first indie?

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