China Glaze Desert Escape Swatches

I picked up this mini set of China Glaze months ago, and I totally forgot about it! #nailpolishproblems right, ladies? This collection consists of 6 unique polishes, a little something for everyone. Check em out!

*Purchased by me
This was packaged at Sally's as the Tribal Council set but is part of the Desert Escape collection. My Sally's said they wouldn't be getting full size bottles of these, so I picked up the micro mini set as soon as I saw it.

What's She Dune? is a neutral sandy beige creme. Neutral shades are just not my thing, but a lot of people like them, so if you do then this one is for you! Formula was a little thin and it made application streaky. 2 coats topped with Out the Door.
The Heat is On is a red-orange creme. SUPER STAINER ALERT!!!! Omg, this had to have been the worst stainer I've used in quite a while. Shame, because it's a lovely shade. 2 coats topped with Out the Door.
Don't Mesa With my Heart is a vibrant violet pink creme. Formula was goopy, making application difficult. 2 coats topped with Out the Door.
Don't Desert Me is an intense fuchsia pearl shimmer. Not too crazy about this finish or the color. Patchy at 1 coat, but levels nicely. 2 coats topped with Out the Door.
Rain Dance the Night Away is a bright turquoise creme. Definitely my favorite from the collection, unfortunately the formula was thin and application was patchy. 2 coats topped with Out the Door.
Meet Me in the Mirage is a rose gold metallic shimmer, and is the most unique of the set. Formula and application were good, 2 coats topped with Out the Door.
Overall, I'm not loving this collection. Formula for most of them wasn't good, and I hate hate HATE extreme stainers. I'm glad I only got the mini set at Sally's for $12.99 and not full size bottles.

What do you think of this collection?

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