Lady Queen Lace Stickers Review

Lady Queen sent some more products to share with you all. I had a few problems with these, check out my experience!

I fell in love with these nail stickers when I saw them! I envisioned a red mani with an accent nail with lace, or maybe an entire mani with the lace! However, when I started trying to use them, my nail dreams quickly fell apart. NAIL STICKERS AND I DO NOT GET ALONG! It makes me so sad :( I started with a base of Gunpowder Lacquer's Lil Red Wagon, which is an absolutely stunning red holo that you all need. 

I tried to cut the stickers to fit my nails but I wasn't having any luck whatsoever. I figured maybe these are best used as a "french tip" but my free edge isn't long enough to pull that off, I didn't think. I ended up with this:
Definitely not what I envisioned, but an ok result. These are good quality nail stickers so don't be deterred by my inability to use them! If you want these, you can get them HERE. And don't forget to use my code AULC15 to get 15% off your order!

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