Nature's Miracle Exfoliating Moisturizer

Hey guys! I have something a little bit different for you all today. Keep reading to find out where I got this product and how you can get yours too!
Back in August I went to the Kentucky State Fair. They have a huuuuuuge place indoors where all kinds of vendors are set up. Lots of great products can be found there. My mission for the past 2 years has been simple: look for nail polish or nail related products. Last year i didn't get so lucky, I only found a booth that was selling glass nail files. This year though, I was so excited to spot this!!

Of course I stopped by their booth and wanted to sample the product. I've tried a couple of sugar scrubs before and they were pretty "meh" so when I saw it was sea salt, I was intrigued.
This can be used on your entire body, or if you're like me, it can be used for your hands and cuticles only. I started chatting with the owners, a mom and daughter team (mom makes the product, daughter helps!) from Knoxville Tennessee and I told her I'm a nail/beauty blogger and I'm always on the look out for amazing products to share with my readers. 

I picked up the mango scented one for $20, and omg ladies, this stuff is AMAZING. My hands and cuticles haven't looked and felt this good in so long! Lately I've been using it before and after each swatch session, so probably about every other day. All you need is a small amount for your hands, so this jar will last me a long time. 
Unfortunately, they don't have a website to order from. I'm assuming that it's only sold at trade shows, but you can call in orders, the number is posted on front of the jar, (865) 803-2873. You may be thinking "Manna, that's a lot of trouble." but c'mon, it's worth it, trust me. I love this stuff so much, I haven't even been using cuticle oil/creams as much since I got it.

Do you prefer salt or sugar scrubs?

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