Baroness X Tropic Heat Swatches & Review

I'm so excited to show you all a new to me, but always wanted to try indie, Baroness X! The Tropic Heat Collection are thermal, neon jelly polishes loaded with 2 different kinds of iridescent and glass flakies. Check em out!
From Baroness X: "This collection is inspired the beautiful colors of the tropics, from the rainforest's to the colorful coastal cities to the panoramic oceanic views."

*Notes: First pics are after application, second pics are after transition. All of these are 2 coats topped with Out the Door top coat. Descriptions taken from BaronessX.

OrnithGoliath is derived from the green and yellow butterfly from the rainforest's of New Guinea, the second largest butterfly in the world. Green when cool, yellow when warm. Packed with blue glass flakies and a bit of iridescent flakies. Flawless application, applies well with minimal clean up. The transition for this one is the most dramatic. 
Tayabak is what the Filipino's call Jade Vine, a tropical jade/turquoise colored plant from the legume family. Turquoise when cool and green when warm, filled with red glass micro flakies and larger iridescent flakies. Again, flawless application. I couldn't get this one to transition well, but regardless, an amazing polish!
Aphelandra is found in Central America this pink and coral plant is also known as "Panama Queen". Pink when cool and coral when warm with purple glass flakies and large iridescent flakies. Transition on this one was fairly subtle and shown best in the macro shot.
Maracaibo is named after the beautifully bright colors the houses are painted on the streets of this vibrant coastal city in Venezuela. Violet when cool to hot pink when warm. Bright iridescent flakies swim in an ocean of green glass flakies. This one is my favorite of the bunch even though it took me a day to get a transition, but when it finally did I immediately dropped what I was doing to take pics lol. 
Here's how all of them look WITH white undies:

Final thoughts: This collection is all sorts of amazing and unique. Application was a breeze, formulas were like butter. If you're looking strictly for super dramatic thermal transition, these maybe aren't the best choice. However, I must add that there was some issues with USPS (I won't get into it, I will rant forever) and I think these may have been exposed to too much heat. Thanks USPS. So even though I didn't get dramatic transitions, doesn't mean you won't. 

Price: $29 for the set of 4
$38 for set of 4 polishes + 3 mani bombs, 4mL cuticle oil, and pedi soak
$21 for 2 polishes + 3 mani bombs, 4mL cuticle oil, and pedi soak

More on those nail care items later, stay tuned!

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