Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! I'm back with another limited edition collection from Sally Hansen. Pearl Crush are iridescent polishes filled with large unique glitters.
From Sally Hansen: "This summer, it's time to get cultured—with pearls, that is. Sally Hansen introduces Pearl Crush™; a collection of eight new Special Effect polishes that give nails an eye-catching, shimmery finish. Inspired by the season's iridescent trend, the Pearl Crush™ polishes have a unique combination of pigments that interact with layers of large, faceted glitter particles. The resulting effect: a 3D crushed pearl look that plays off light, lending a lustrous, vibrant look to summer manicures. Choose a softer tone or go dark—either way; you'll want to wear these precious "pearls" everywhere you go!"

Rainbow Fish  is an icy iridescent blue filled with jumbo iridescent hex glitters. I followed the directions and I dabbed this on. The formula is surprisingly thin, and dabbing made it difficult. I'm just not a dabber! It also made dry time super long because I had to dab on so many coats. No top coat.
Shell & Tell is a violet iridescent filled with jumbo iridescent hex glitters. This time I decided to do things my own way, and I didn't dab, I brushed it on normally. It made application MUCH easier, and dry time wasn't as long. No top coat.
I am personally not a fan of VNL (visible nail line) so I swatched Rainbow Fish over Sally Hansen Dive Bar and I liked this look so much better.
Final thoughts: The hex glitters are so gorgeous, I just wish I liked the iridescent look better. As long as you don't dab, I think you will have no problem with application. 

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: This limited-edition Pearl Crush™ collection is $5.99, and is available beginning June 2015 at chain drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.
What do you think about iridescents? Would you wear these?

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