July 4th Glitter Topper Comparison

Independence Day is fast approaching and for those of you that just aren't feeling nail art this year, Salon Perfect and SinfulColors have some festive toppers!

Index: SinfulColors Out of This World
Middle: SinfulColors Why Not
Ring: SinfulColors White on White
Pinky: SinfulColors Ruby Ruby

Salon Perfect Let Freedom Bling is red, white, and blue bar glitters in a clear base. Formula was goopy and was a little hard to apply, however it is probably my favorite of the Salon Perfects.
Salon Perfect Boom Boom Boom is red, white, and blue small hex glitters in a clear base. Dare I say it, but there was almost TOO much glitter in this one lol.
Salon Perfect Speck-Tacular is red, white, and blue hex glitters in a clear base. This one had the best formula of the three and was easy to apply.
SinfulColors Star Blast Off is red, white, and blue hex glitters of varying sizes and white star glitters in a *clear base. If you remember from my review, my bottle was messed up and the glitters bled, resulting in my base being slightly tinted red. So I was unable to swatch this over the multi colored bases like I did the Salon Perfects.
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: Sinful Colors is found at Wal Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and other major drugstore chains for $1.99 each. Salon Perfect is available at Wal Mart for $3.98 each.
Which is your favorite?

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