Born Pretty Store BP27 Plate Review

Are y'all ready for a bunch of Born Pretty Store reviews again? No? Too bad :D Today I'm going to show you my very first BPS plate!

This cool badge theme plate ($0.99) consists of 2 full images and 5 smaller images. I chose this plate specifically for the 2 large images, I think they're so pretty! Don't forget to remove that blue film cover ladies lol

First I did a gradient with my favorite neons from Top Shelf Lacquer Electric Smurf Martini, Pink Cosmopolitan, and Purple Dragon Martini.
I chose my favorite image, used MDU Silver and a Creative Stamper (which I've had for a month and finally got to use!) and the image picked up flawlessly. All of the images are cut deep into the plates, which I love because I have several plates from Pueen and the images are so shallow that you can't even pick them up on your stamper no matter what you do. Here's the final product:
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