Top 5 Favorite Indie Polishes

Hello everyone! I've joined a link up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you our personal top 5 indie nail polishes! This feat proved way more difficult than I anticipated. Keep reading to see if your favorite polish made my list!

I went back and forth with myself wondering if I should re-swatch all of my favs, or just show you my original swatch in all it's natural, terrible glory. I've opted for the latter, so pay no attention to the nubs, bad poses, and terrible lighting, ok? ;) These are in NO particular order, I would never be able to do that!
Bliss Polish - Sweet Senti-Mint
Mango Bunny - Sonic Rainboom
Pretty & Polished - Maleficium
Savvy Naturalista - Moon Cosmic Blast 2.0
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer - Oy, Stupid Face!
Top Shelf Lacquer - Tidal Wave
Nail Me - Spank My Ash
So there you have it! I had to do a couple honorable mentions, sorry! I had about 15 I wanted to choose from, so this was super hard. 

Did any of your favs make the list? See any new-to-you brands you'd like to try?

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