Born Pretty Store Starry Night Nail Wrap Review

Van Gogh's Starry Night is my favorite painting ever. When I saw these on Born Pretty Store I squealed with delight! 
I was worried that these nail wraps may not look too great considering I don't have very long nails, I didn't think anyone would be able to tell what they actually were. When I applied them though, I was so happy to see that you can indeed still see the painting regardless of nail length!

For my pinky finger, I followed the directions which state to apply the decal and trim the excess off with scissors and then curl the remainder under your nail. This is before the trim:
For the remaining nails I trimmed off the excess, curled the remainder under, and then took a brush dipped in acetone along the tip of my nail to get rid of the "roughness" Here is the final product:
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