Lady Queen Lace Water Decals Review

Happy Monday! I'm back again with more water decals from Lady Queen. This time, I used lace decals to create a beautiful, classic look. Check it out!

When I saw these decals, I knew I had to have them! I envisioned a red base color with these, but I decided to go with pink because red polish stains my nails SO much, that I didn't want to deal with it. Like other water decals, these are simple to use:
I skip the blow dryer step because it's just not needed. I started with a base of Top Shelf Lacquer Pink Cosmopolitan. These decals were too big for my nails (surprise) so after I applied them, I took a brush dipped in acetone to remove the excess around my nails. The end result is quite beautiful!
Doesn't it look like I stamped?! All the beauty of stamping, without the mess. I was very pleased with these decals!

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