SinfulColors Demi-Mattes Swatches & Review

SinfulColors is gearing up for back to school season with their latest collection, A Class Act! It features 27 new and old shades, 8 of which are the ones I'm showing you today, the demi mattes!

I've never been one to enjoy "matte" looks, I prefer shiny and in your face. When I saw SinfulColors had a demi matte collection, I was intrigued! Demi matte, what is that?! The shades I'm going to show you will be PERFECT come spring time.

*Note: All of these have NO top coat to show the demi matte finish.

Blackboard is a chalkboard black demi matte. Looks kinda pale in the bottle, but once applied, BAM! Jet black goodness..reminds me of leather! I had minor cuticle flooding, but other than that, no issues. 2 coats.
Chalk It Up is a saturated pistachio green demi matte. Such a lovely and perfect shade of green! No issues. 2 coats.
VIPeach is a soft pastel yellow. With a name like that, I would expect a pastel orange, but nope! Lovely shade of yellow. No issues. 2 coats.
Truth or Lavendare is a creamy lavender demi matte. I can't say enough good things about this shade, it's perfect! Formula was also amazing, this one is nearly a 1 coater. 2 coats.
Pink Break is a lovely peachy pink. I think this one would pair perfectly with Truth or Lavendare for some nail art in the future! No issues. 2 coats. 
Whiteboard is a chalk white demi matte. I know most of us strive to find the perfect white, and is this it? Maybe, maybe not. No issues. 2 coats.
RADient is a vibrant raspberry demi matte. This one was different than the others. The formula was almost jelly like, and was very thin. As you will see from my swatches, I still have visible nail line at 3 coats, how irritating!
Hazed is a subdued violet. This one was also like RADient, formula seemed a bit different and was thin. 3 coats.
$1.99 each at Walgreens and other mass retailers August & September 2015

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