Born Pretty Store Geometric Pattern Water Decal Review

Hi everyone, I'm back with more from Born Pretty Store. This geometric decal was beautiful, but unfortunately I did not have a good experience.
BPS makes amazing water decals and I've never had issues before. Their decals are usually cut to the shape of your nail or individual images. These decals came in a solid sheet and I struggled to cut them out to the shape of my nails.
After you've cut out the image, take the plastic off and dip the decal into water for 15-20 seconds. Slide the decal off of the paper onto your finger, and then apply it onto your nail.

My first mistake was using a base that was too dark (Sinful Colors Hot Spot). I think if I used a white or light colored base these would have looked much better. I wasn't able to redo them though because I wasted so much of the decal while trying to cut them out. I also had to 3 finger the swatch because my top coat ate away at one of the decals and smudged it.

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