Top Shelf Lacquer The Wine List Collection: Do they stamp?

You may remember my review of The Wine List Collection last week, where I said I'd show you all of they stamped. Keep reading to find out!

Since I normally don't wear dark polish colors, I thought I would see if they stamped, and I was happily impressed with how well they do! I used Pueen Plate 08 and a creative stamper, the images picked up FLAWLESSLY. Zero issues at all! I can't even say that with "stamping polishes" I always seem to have problems. I used Top Shelf Lacquer Blue Hawaiian as the base color here.
Index: Red Zinfandel, Middle: Blueberry Shiraz, Ring: Vinho Verde, Pinky: Blue Raspberry Merlot
Index: Red Zinfandel
Middle: Blueberry Shiraz
Ring: Vinho Verde
Pinky: Blue Raspberry Merlot

So if you're not a fan of dark colors but you're looking for polishes to stamp with, then these will be perfect for you! The Wine List collection is available this Wednesday, July 15th. Prices are: individual $9.50 and $50 for the set of 6.

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